Drifting by intention

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08 October 2021


Four Epistemic traditions in Constructive Design Research

Lecturer Professor Peter Gall Krogh – Digital Design, Department of Culture and Communication, Arts, Aarhus University, DK

11.15 AM – 1.00 PM (CEST)
Lecture and book presentation

Workshop Room, B7 Building* & streamed on Microsoft Teams

Lecture Abstract

It is assumed that to appreciate knowledge contribution in research-through-design, we all agree on what the act of designing is and should deliver in research. However, just from a glance at contributions in design research fora and publication channels, this is far from the case. This lecture is based on my recent book co-authored with Ilpo Koskinen: Drifting by intention – four epistemic traditions in constructive design research that describes what design look like and how it can be approached when developing knowledge is equally important as providing opportunities by design. In doing so it unpacks different ways of knowing in practice-based design and provides operational models for reflecting and navigating your research build from designing.

*Only 30 seats are available; if you would like to participate in presence, please fill the form below.