The Reuse Imaginary

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03 May 2023 @ Polifactory

The Reuse Imaginary

Graeme Brooker

6.00 PM (CEST)

@ Polifactory



If the early 21st century can be characterised as a time of resistance, in particular to the climate emergency, how can the built-environment and in particular the interior, respond to these ongoing challenges? The reuse imaginary explores the fact that in response to a world with finite resource the very-near future of the built environment will be focussed solely on the re-designation of all existing matter. New-build and single-use processes will soon become obsoleted distinctions for making cities, buildings and interiors. Instead, reusing the existing site, with its matter already in-situ, will provide all of the material for the appropriation of the existing to remake something anew.

Graeme Brooker Bio

Graeme Brooker is Professor and Head of Interiors at The Royal College of Art, London. He has published numerous books on the interior including the recent 50-words for Reuse (Canalside Press 2022). He was the founder of the charity Interior Educators (IE) and director between 2006-8 and 2010-2018. He is currently working on the books The SuperReuse Manifesto (Routledge 2024) and a History of the Interior (Thames & Hudson 2025)

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