Paradigms of Design | Scientific Seminar

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March 6th, 2017 | 2.30pm – 6.00pm

Castiglioni room, via Candiani 72, Politecnico di Milano | B1 building

Paradigms of Design is a Scientific Seminar organized by the PhD candidates in the frame of the Milano Design PhD Festival 2017.

Coordinated by Luca Guerrini.

The current state of the world, with dramatic turnovers and unexpected results in different issues of society and the environment, proofs the inevitability of change. As a group of researchers in the field of design, we have asked ourselves if those dramatic and unexpected changes can modify our investigation pathways, or conversely if our research is trying to influence any shift in the paradigms of our discipline. With 17 different and broad directions of the doctoral studies in the design of the XXXI cycle of Politecnico di Milano, for this seminar, we selected a common framework in which all broad topics dialogue by the current state of the world.
Paradigms of Design
By understanding paradigms as a worldview underlying the theories and methodologies of a particular subject (1), the different contributions to the design field included in this seminar will interact in a discussion on the possible paradigm shifts of the design discipline.
How many research topics are maintaining the current paradigms of design?
How many research topics are expanding the paradigms of design?
How many research topics are breaking the paradigms of design?
– Introduction: Prof. Luca Guerrini, Camilo Ayala Garcia.
– Presentations: Candidates of the XXXI Cycle.
– General conclusions:┬áCamilo Ayala Garcia, Filipe De Moura.
– Discussion: Moderator, Christine Sakr.