Design Research Critique Seminars | 2019
A cycle of seminars curated by Daniela Sangiorgi, Elena Caratti, Agnese Rebaglio,
and developed within the Design Research Critique PhD course


Designing for Public Service Transformation

Changing cultures, communication and modes of engagements

The Public Sector is the object of a growing attention given the need for a deep transformation to face the current economic and social crises and to raise to the expectations of a changing demographics and population. The current scenario has led to the elaboration of theories around paradigmatic changes in the modes governments work, innovate and how they relate with citizens. Changes in these discourses have suggested different roles for public managers, citizens and public administrations, opening up new modes of participation and interaction. In particular citizens have been increasingly perceived as active actors and hidden resources, potentially participating to the co-design and co-delivery, meaning to the co-production, of public services.

Moving from these discourses to action, is not straightforward. Innovative ideas and good practices, struggle to develop and scale up, and have wider impact. Design has been engaged in supporting some of these transitions, e.g. enhancing collaboration, favouring the role of citizens and the wider set of stakeholders as co-creators of value, proposing hybrid and co-produced service models and forms of innovation that cut across organisations and silos. Impact and implementation are though still limited as the intrinsic elements of co-production and co-creation of public services necessitate the concomitant development of staff, the public and the organisation and at different levels of this complex service system.

The seminars will discuss how design is supporting (or not) this multi sided and multilevel transformation, including conversations around transforming design cultures, communication strategies and modes for civic engagement.

The series is composed of three events. Every event will consist of an introduction to the daily topic and three talks given by relevant domain experts. Following a moment of aperitif and networking.

Events are free of charge, find registration links at the event corresponding page, listed below.