Research avenues

The PhD programme in Design is structured into various research fields, which correspond to specific research teams within the Department of Design.

In order to coordinate research activity over a wide range of topics, teams cluster around three Sections, which are:

  • Design and Cultures
  • Products, Strategies and Services
  • Design for Environments, Landscape and Mobility

The PhD programme in Design carries out research on specific topics emerging from the research initiatives of all Departments.

PhD candidates are requested to develop an original research contribution.

The PhD thesis must thus contribute to increase the knowledge in the candidate’s research field. Besides, it has to be coherent with the research topics developed in the Department where the PhD programme is carried out.

The original research results are collected in the PhD thesis, where the candidate’s contribution is brought into correlation with the research state of the art in the specific research field.

According to these topics, every year research avenues are released by the Design PhD program for PhD applicants. Applicants can follow one of the avenues as the basis for the research project to be presented with the application.


Here below you find the research avenues for the last Call for Applicants. New research avenues will be published with the Call for Apllicants 2019/20 for the XXXV cycle, in April 2019.

Responsible: Alba Cappellieri


Responsible: Giovanni Maria Conti


Responsible: Alessandro Deserti


Responsible: Davide Fassi


Responsible: Luca Guerrini


Responsible: Maurizio Rossi


Responsible: Beatrice Villari


Responsible: Paolo Volonté


Responsible: Francesco Zurlo