Course plan and credits


The Design PhD curriculum calls for candidates to accumulate a total of 75 academic credits during the first two years of the program:

–  from 40 to 45 through course and seminar attendance,
–  from 25 to 30 through other academic activities, e.g. participating in team research, teaching and course assistance, etc. The third year is fully devoted to the dissertation. The table below illustrates the curriculum that each PhD candidate must complete, in terms of the attribution of academic credit. At the same time, the candidate will be required to carry out research under the guidance of her or his advisor and the Design PhD faculty board.
First Year
Academic Activity Description Credits Notes
Doctoral School Courses See a list of all courses 5
Design PhD Courses See a list of all courses 25
Specialist Courses See a list of all courses 5 Supervisor approval required
Other Activities Paper publication (English only) 5  Optional activity
Research activity within the research team Supervisor approval required
Second Year
Academic Activity Description Credits Notes
Doctoral School Courses See Table A 5
Design PhD Courses See Table B 5 Optional activity, supervisor approval required.
Other Activities Internship abroad 10 Minimum 3 months
Paper publication (English only) 5
Tutoring and teaching activity 5
Research activity within the research team 10 Supervisor approval required
Third Year
During the third year the candidate is expected to work full-time on completing research and writing the dissertation.
Presentation of Course Plan
During the first semester of enrollment, the candidate will submit a course plan.
This is to be done through the dedicated Politecnico di Milano online procedure at http://www.polimi.it/servizionline.
From time to time, PhD candidates will be allowed to revise their course plans to fit any changes in course offerings or individual specialization requirements.
Internship abroad
The Ph.D. programme favours the candidates’ research interactions with other groups in their research field, preferably abroad. Research visits of at least three months are strongly encouraged, as through them the candidates may acquire further skills to develop their research work and thesis.
During the Ph.D. programme in Design all candidates are strongly recommended to engage in this activity, which is compulsory for those who are supported with a scholarship (specific cases to be discussed with the Director of the Ph.D. programme in Design).
Candidates not supported with a scholarship who, for good reasons, cannot go abroad, are permitted to substitute the internship abroad with an additional specialist course and an additional paper publication (subject to prior approval of the Design PhD Faculty).
See the full list of the research organizations that have hosted Design PhD candidates over the years.