Executive PhD

The Politecnico di Milano Doctoral School has set up channels for doctoral studies co-managed by companies and outside organizations (Executive PhD). Admission to the Executive PhD is through the call for applicants.

The main difference compared to the traditional PhD program consists in its duration. Rather than three years, it ranges from a minimum of four years to a maximum of six. This is established by mutual agreement between the company and the Design PhD faculty.

The Executive PhD is addressed to:

  1. employees of companies or outside organizations who, while keeping their jobs and salaries, attend PhD program courses and earn their PhD degree;
  2. recent graduates who have been hired by companies or external organizations on a advanced-degree apprenticeship contract for gradual integration into the company while they complete doctoral studies. In this case, the duration of the advanced-degree apprenticeship coincided with the term of studies. Such new hires must be at least thirty years old.

For further information, see the following page on the Doctoral School website: http://www.ricerca.polimi.it/index.php?id=4794.