Current students

Doctoral candidates are called upon to present two progress reports per year before a board made up of Politecnico di Milano faculty. On both occasions, the board will issue an evaluation of the candidate.

At the first annual progress report, midway through the academic year, the candidate presents the results of her or his research, detailing content and method. The commission will include faculty whose research interests abut those of the candidate, whose grade will reflect the level of progress reported, both thematically and methodologically.

At the second annual progress report, near the end of the academic year, the candidate is to turn in an overall deliverable that appraises studies and research completed. The board for this report will be made up exclusively of Design PhD program faculty. The assessment will take into account:

  • Academic activities, specifically the number of courses completed and the grades earned,
  • Number and quality of publications,
  • Ability to establish international relationships, including participation in conferences, conventions, and international research projects,
  • The dissertation supervisor’s concise assessment.

Grading will be on a letter scale. A passing grade (A, B, C or D) will be required at the second annual progress assessment in order to be admitted to the subsequent year of the program. A grade of E(r) will mean that the candidate must repeat the program year. After a grade of E(i), reflecting insufficient performance, a candidate will become ineligible to further pursue this PhD.