Design Research Lectures/4 | 24.05.2018

Within the cycle DESIGN RESEARCH LECTURES – A series of seminars organized by the PhD programme in Design Thursday, May 24th at 10 am at Polifactory (Candiani Campus – Building B3, via Candiani 72)   IS DESIGN POLITICAL? An Actor-Network-Theory approach Albena Yaneva and Alvise Mattozzi Moving beyond conventional conversations about design and politics, the lecture […]

8th Milano Design PhD Festival

February 21-23, 2018 A three-day event on design research, open to the public, organized by the PhD in Design at Politecnico di Milano.     Visiting lecturers from important universities: Weston Baxter (ImperialCollege – United Kingdom) Dijon De Moraes (UEMG – Brazil) Teresa Franqueira (Aveiro Univ – Portugal) Idil Gaziulusoy (Aalto – Finland) Giampaolo Proni (AMS Bologna – Italy) Jouke […]

Navigating uncertainty, together | Scientific seminar

    Navigating uncertainty, together is the theme of this year’s scientific seminar, organized by the 2nd-year Ph.D. candidates, during the Milano Design PhD Festival 2018, coordinated by Prof. Luca Guerrini. The seminar investigates the new role of design research in an increasingly complex and interconnected world, riddled with societal and environmental challenges which often require collaboration between […]

Design Research Lectures /2 | 29.06.2017

A series of seminars organized by the PhD programme in Design   Thursday, June 29th at 10am, at Polifactory – Candiani Campus – Building B3 Carlos Teixeira DESIGN STRATEGIES IN COMPLEX SPACES OF INNOVATION Carlos Teixeira research interest starts from the interpretation that contemporary problems and its challenges result from seven billion people looking for […]

Decoding Borders | Scientific Seminars

SCIENTIFIC SEMINARS Decoding Borders – March 7th, 2016 within the programme of the Milano Design PhD Festival 2016 14.30 INTRODUCTION Prof. Luca Guerrini [Politecnico di Milano, Italy] DISCUSSANTS Prof. Ken Friedman [Tongji University, China] Prof. Nicola Morelli [Aalborg University, Denmark][:en]SCIENTIFIC SEMINARS Decoding Borders – March 7th, 2016 within the programme of the Milano Design PhD Festival 2016 […]