Call for Applicants


The call for applicants, valid for all Politecnico di Milano PhD programs, is published on the Doctoral School website and in the Gazzetta Ufficiale della Repubblica Italiana, usually in April. The Design PhD program offers a certain number of positions each year, both with and without stipend, as specified in the call. Places will be assigned according to candidates’ ranking in the results of the call. In order to be considered for the call, candidates must meet the admission requirements.

From the date of publication of the call, aspiring candidates will have one month to submit their applications through the dedicated online procedure at: http://www.phd-admission.polimi.it/
The full list of documents to submit with the application, the number of positions offered (with and without stipend), and the financial terms are detailed in the call for applicants.
Candidate evaluation
Candidates are evaluated by a committee appointed each year by the Design PhD faculty and made up of Politecnico di Milano faculty and/or explicitly selected experts.
Evaluation is based on the following features:

  • academic qualifications and publications,
  • statement of motivation,
  • research proposal.

It is important to stress that the topic on which the research proposal is to be developed must be chosen from among the research topics published by the Design PhD program.
Aspiring candidates are therefore invited to peruse the whole list of research topics so as to find one that fits their interests. Research proposals on other topics will not be taken into consideration.

First-year Enrollment
All candidates ranked for admission must still accept the position and enroll by the deadline established in the call for applicants, lest they forfeit the right to admission to the PhD program. Enrollment must be completed through the dedicated online procedure at http://www.phd-admission.polimi.it.
Enrollees are required to attend their doctoral courses and (with the exception of those enrolled in the Executive PhD program) to continually complete their study and research activities on a full-time basis.